Flyers are an effective marketing and promotion tool if they are designed beautifully and the information presented is interesting and right on target. Flyers should be able to attract people’s attention or they are going to be a waste. Here are eight tips for designing a flyer that you can follow:

1. Choice of colours and images


If you want to arouse people’s interest when they see your flyer, then you have to use bold and bright colours, not colours that will make people feel gloomy or depressed when they see them. Look at the choice of colours in the flyer above.

But, what matters more is the identity of your company. If bright colours are not really the colours of your company, you should rethink about using those colours. Soft colours are not a problem, if they represent your company.

It is the same with images. Choose images that exactly represent your products or services. Images should look interesting, not blurry.

2. Wording for title


The second thing you need to attend to when designing a flyer is the title. Why? Title plays an important role in attracting attention from people who get your flyers. Title determines whether people will continue reading your flyer. If the title is not interesting enough, people won’t bother reading the content.

Create a catchy title. Title should be something unusual, unique, provocative or memorable.

The next important point, which is still related to title, that you have to remember is that title should be short and to the point. When people see the title, they will know what business you are running right away.

3. Font type and size


Font type and size are also one of the eight important tips for designing a flyer that you should pay attention to when designing a flyer. It is best if you do not use unique fonts that make it difficult for people to read your flyer. You also have to adjust the size of your font, make it bigger on the information you want to emphasize so that people will notice it.

4. A flyer should look brief and understandable


Do not include too much information in your flyer. Avoid making your flyer look very full of words, people will not read it.

So, make sure that the information you include in your flyer is relevant, brief but understandable. Don’t include everything in one flyer.

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5. Use symbols or dividers


Your flyer should look organised, so that people will not be confused when reading it. If you’ve got some different ideas that you want your audience to know, you can make use of symbols or dividers to make your flyer look good and structured.

Take a look at the example above: the services offered by the company are listed in bullet points and the contact details of the company are put inside the blue square. People will find the flyer easy to read.

6. What information to be presented?


Since flyers are a promotion tool, you should let your audience know about the benefits they will get from purchasing your products or services.

You don’t have to write the benefits in long sentences. They should be simple, clear and easy to read. Make sure the benefits are brief and accurate.

7. Know your target audience


Decide your target audience and conduct some research on your target audience first, so that the wording style of your flyer suits your target audience.

8. Double check your flyer


Last but not least, you have to check your overall flyer. Make sure that all the words and images in the flyer are correct before you go to a printing company. After you perform an overall checking, it is best to ask some people to recheck your flyer. They may spot small mistakes you do not notice. It is a shame if audience finds misspelling or incorrect images in your beautifully designed flyer.

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