Love is in the air on Valentine’s day, we all can smell it, right? Did you know that Valentine’s Day celebration is not the same in every country? Take a look at seven most unique Valentine’s Day celebrations in the world:

1. England: single ladies keep leaves under their pillows as they wish their prince will come

perayaan valentine di inggris

If Valentine’s Day is celebrated mostly by couples in some countries, it is quite different in England. Single ladies are more enthusiastic about Valentine’s Day celebration. The night before Valentine’s Day, these ladies will keep some leaves under their pillows. They believe that by doing so their prince will come to marry them.

2. Italy: the earlier the single ladies wake up, the wider the opportunity to have a boyfriend

Another unique Valentine’s Day celebration can be found in Italy, and the same as in France, the celebration has something to do with the single ladies more. Those who have not had a boyfriend will wake up as early as possible because they believe that the earlier they wake up, the wider the opportunity to have a boyfriend.

3. Denmark: the ladies guess the gentlemen who give them anonymous love letters

perayaan valentine di denmark

How do the Danish celebrate Valentine’s Day? The gentlemen take the initiative to write a love letter to a lady who successfully makes them head over heels. But, the gentlemen leave the letter anonymous. It is the ladies’ part to guess who wrote the letter for them. If they gues right, it is very likely that they will go on a date.

4. South Africa: secret admirers will be revealed on Valentine’s day

Did you ever wonder whether you had a secret admirer? Well, the South African men are curious about having a secret admirer. Right on Valentine’s Day they will find out if there is a girl who admires them. How do they find out? The ladies will wear a heart pin on their dress. On the pin, people can see the name of the man they love.

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5. Philippines: mass wedding on Valentine’s day

perayaan valentine di filipina

To celebrate Valentine, the people of the Philippines will have a mass wedding. Thousands of couples join this big event. It’s not only those who haven’t got married that are allowed to participate, but also couples who wish to renew their wedding vows.

6. South Korea: Valentine’s day is celebrated for three months

How enthusiastic the South Korean people are about celebrating Valentine’s Day that they celebrate it for three months! Yes, what you’ve just read is correct. On Valentine’s Day, it’s the girls’ turn to show their love to their boyfriends. The boyfriends will then show their love to their girlfriends on 14 March, which is known as the White Day. One month after the White Day, which is 14 April, it is time for the singles to celebrate. On the day, they will wear black from head to toe and eat something black (a kind of noodle with black creamy sauce) and drink black coffee. That’s why they call 14 April the Black Day.

7. France: the ladies burn the photos of their ex-boyfriends

perayaan valentine di perancis

People say France is the most romantic country in the world. If you want to celebrate love, you have to come to France. So, what do the French do on Valentine’s Day? Well, the tradition we are about to tell you is no longer around. The ladies and the gentlemen used to gather in a house. The men would look for a woman that could be a good girlfriend. However, if the men did not feel any connection with their chosen lady, they could leave their lady and go choose someone else. After the gathering, the ladies whose hearts got broken would burn the photos of the gentlemen who dumped them.

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