You’re hired by a client to design a company logo. However, you are stuck with no ideas at all. You just keep staring blankly at a piece of paper. Blank no more, because we are telling you seven ways to find logo design inspiration:

1. Find inspiration online

find logo design inspiration

As a graphic designer, you must already know websites such as Logo Moose and Logo Gala. But you can browse other graphic design websites too for inspiration. Browsing is one of the best ways to find logo design inspiration.

Visit websites you have never visited before. You may narrow your search by looking for companies whose line of business is similar to your client, and see what their logos look like. You can also search for random images, you may get inspiration from those random images, who knows, right?

2. Ask for some advice from a designer friend

ask advice from friend

Sometimes two is better than one. If you are stuck, asking for some advice from your designer friend is one of the great ways to find logo design inspiration. But before you ask a friend, make sure that they are not connected to the project.

3. Map all your thoughts

map all your thoughts

Mapping all the thoughts you have inside your head is better than keeping them all there. Mapping your thoughts on a board or a book can help straighten out your thoughts. You will see them more clearly to find out how they combine together.

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4. What are the history and future vision of your client?

think about future and history

If your client is a company that has changed logo a few times, you can check out all of the company’s previous logos so that you get a better idea of how the design should look like.

It is also a good idea to ask your client about their vision, the company’s plans for the future. Their plans for the future may be completely different. As business direction changes, logo usually changes too.

5. Go back through your previous projects (own archives)

go through own archives

Looking at your previous projects or own archives may help you to find logo design inspiration. It is common for graphic designers to have a dozen of sketches before they decide which one is the best. Your early ideas should always be archived, they may prove to be useful for your next project.

6. Always stay alert


Products of

Remember that ideas can come anywhere and anytime. When ideas are coming to your mind, write them down immediately before you lose them. It is best to bring a notebook or sketchbook with you.

7. Do things you like

do things you like to find logo design inspiration

If you’ve tried everything above and nothing works, then just stop for a while. Forcing it won’t work. You should take a break. Go do something you like, and inspiration may come after.

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