Did you ever have clients who asked you for revisions all the time? Did you ever feel sick and tired of doing those never-ending revisions? There are great ways to save yourself from endless revisions requested by clients. How? Follow our five tips below:

1. Start healthy

start healthy relationship with client

Starting a healthy relationship with your client is the first of five ways to save yourself from endless revisions. You should never think about just getting it done as soon as possible and then getting paid.

When you are thinking about finishing the job quickly and money only, you will be stressed out. You’ll get irritated and frustrated when clients asks for revisions, even when the revisions are necessary. So, start a healthy relationship, develop a positive mindset.

2. Be a graphic designer and a consultant

make it clear from the start

Some of the clients that hire your service may be new, meaning this is the first time they have a project that requires the service of a graphic designer. They may be clueless about how to begin with, so they keep adding new requests or asking for changes forever.

But, of course, you can avoid that kind of situation by being not only their graphic designer, but also their consultant. You know more than they do, let them know what you think and what they’ve missed. Argue professionally.

3. Make it very clear from the start

be a consultant

Another great way to save yourself from clients who ask for endless revisions is by having a clear agreement from the very beginning.

You need to set limitation on how many iterations of design changes you agree on. Explain clearly to your clients that they will have to pay extra if the total changes exceeds the limitation, unless it’s your fault. Make sure they understand this.

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4. Be smart in choosing words

choose words smartly

Empathy is an important word to remember when you are collaborating with a client. There are many different cases of why clients ask for revisions. But here is an example. If a client asks you for another logo design revision, you may refuse by saying something like “I understand what you are saying. In my epxerience, these two colours don’t look good together. Your logo will look much more professional like this. What do you think?”

5. Display confidence in your work

nick bateman showing confidence in work

Last suggestion, always wear confidence. When a client wants something and you know that it is wrong or not a good thing to do, don’t be afraid to let them know. Tell them that their idea is terrible, but of course don’t say it bluntly like that. Say it politely and confidently.

If you don’t tell it to your client and you choose to follow them, you will destroy your work completely and your reputation will be damaged.

Your client decided to hire you because they believed in your abilities and skills to give them the best design. Display confidence in your work, let your client know that you are an expert.

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