Every company wants success, it is the plain fact. How is the success of a business measured? Loyal customers, increased sales and popularity are the common benchmark to measure success. What about factors that determine the success of a brand? Customer service and product quality play a very important role. However, business owners should not forget that customer service and product quality are not the only factors. Product packaging, for instance, also affects sales performance.

Companies are now starting to realise that good product packaging can increase sales significantly. As a business owner, try to put yourself in the shoes of your customer. Would you be happy if you order a product and the product arrives on your doorstep with a poor packaging?


Most of the time customers will have the first point of contact with the packaging, not the product itself. Therefore a great packaging equals good first impression. The design of your packaging is important, but the function of your packaging is not less important. A good package should be able to protect the product inside. It should also be easy to handle, store and distribute. Design would not matter that much if the package fails to protect what is inside. After all, that is the main function of the packaging.

To create a great package design that works, consider the following:

  • A good design should strongly represent the personality of your brand. How do you want people to think about your brand? What makes your product different? The packaging of your product tells the story of the personality of your brand, and it can be conveyed through fonts, textures and colours. When designing a packaging for your product, you also have to think about the shape and the finishing technique. For example, should the shape be rectangle, square or triangle? Should you choose hot stamps or emboss as the finishing?
  • Durability. How long must your package stay undamaged before your product is received by customer? If it is going to take quite a while, you can choose more rigid materials rather than the bland ones.
  • The environment. Consider packaging that is reusable or recyclable. People nowadays prefer eco-friendly packaging. By creating your package with eco-friendly materials, you take part in taking care of the environment. Besides, customers will have positive impression towards your brand.

Remember that everything serves a purpose, including your packaging. The purpose of a packaging is to communicate what a brand represents and what it means to customers. Therefore, consider every element of your packaging carefully.