About Me

Strategic thinkers and problem solvers in operations, as well as data-driven person with 16 years of experience in business & operational development. He has been an experienced leader in stationery business from 23 cities nationwide for 9 years. He is very passionate about the idea of company success, and knows that personal success is the outcome of a company’s success, not the other way around. He leads by supporting. Along with the CEO, he defines the overall vision – the “what & why” – and support employees as they work through the “how.”

  • Strategic with a focus on details
  • Strong ability to develop an action- oriented plan
  • Strong ability to dig deep on a wide range of issues
  • Possesses a wide skill set, including data analysis, financial analysis, system analysis, & business administration analysis.
  • Highly practical. Possesses (un)common sense and good intuition for what’s achievable, and what’s not. Thinks about “how we can do this” instead of “why we can’t.”
  • A master integrator. Ties together all company functions.