Health is everyone’s most precious treasure. Money and other nice things may make life easier and interesting, but without health, life is nothing. There are plenty of things you should do if you want to be healthy. One of which is by developing healthy eating habits. Follow these healthy eating habits if you seriously want to get fit:

1. Never miss your breakfast

pola makan sehat awali dengan sarapan

Research shows that people who live healthy and are not obese are those who always start the day by having enough and healthy breakfast. It does not matter how busy you are, make sure that you spare some time to eat breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. If you have our breakfast, your hunger will be reduced throughout the day. What’s more, you will be more optimistic and focused on doing your activities for the day.

2. Eat in smaller portions but more often

It is highly recommended to eat in smaller portions but more often. Why? When you do not eat for more than three hours, your levels of the stress hormone cortisol rise, and you will store belly fat. So, the best you can do is by reducing your normal portions into smaller portions and increasing your eating frequency. For example, if you previously took three meals per day, now you can start eating five times a day.

3. There is no need to count calories

Another healthy eating habit that is also important is that there is no need for calories counting. You’ve already had a lot going on in your mind, you don’t need to add more. If you have already maintained your healthy eating habits, don’t bother counting calories.

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4. Avoid eating the same foods every single day

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People have the tendency to get bored easily. If you keep eating the same foods every single day, wouldn’t you get bored? Avoid eating the same foods every single day. Protein, vitamins or fibers do not come from certain foods only. For example, if today you eat brocolli, tomorrow you can eat kale or other vegetables. It is the same for protein. If today you eat egg, you can have chicken breast for tomorrow.

5. Balance it by drinking a lot of water

If you only eat healthy foods all the time but you don’t remember to drink a lot of water, your body will not be that healthy. Balance your healthy eating habits by drinking at least two liters (eight glasses) of water every day. If you exercise daily, then you need to drink more water.

6. It is perfectly fine to eat what you love

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Living healthy does not mean you get rid of all your favourite foods just because they are considered unhealthy. It is perfectly fine to eat what you love, as long as you limit the portion. It is not just perfectly fine, it is important. You will maintain the balance of your body, and developing healthy eating habits will not feel like a torture.

By changing your eating habits you can change your life drastically. As long as you’ve got determination, discipline and dedication, having a healthy body is not impossible. Maintain healthy eating habits to have the happiest life.

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