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You’ve got a friend who is into drawing or painting? Not a day goes by without them drawing or painting something. When they are having their birthday, you are confused about what present to give to them. There are 10 nicest gifts for the creative, what are they?

1. Sketchbook

Sketchbooks – Products of Uprint.id

Sketchbook is a really nice gift for creative people. An artist can express their feelings through drawing in a sketchbook. Give a uniquely designed sketchbook to inspire your artist friend.

Uprint.id has a beautiful collection of sketchbooks, great for presents.

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2. Pantone watch or artist watch


If you want to give a watch as a gift to your artist friend, don’t give an ordinary watch. Buy them a watch that is extraordinary, such as a pantone watch or an artist watch. It’s unique and great for an artist.

3. 3D Printing Pen


It’s time for your artist friend to bring their creations into the next dimension, the third dimension. Wrap a 3D printing pen for them. Allow them to draw whatever they like. Let them be inspired to draw something they never drew before.

4. Bamboo brush


Bamboo brushes look so good. However, it’s not only about how bamboo brushes look, but also about the comfort they provide when artists hold them. Artists will be able to work for a longer time and not getting tired easily when using bamboo brushes.

5. Glass/mug with quote


You can also give a glass or mug with a quote on its surface. Look for a quote that can inspire them when they are bored. The glass or mug will become their motivation.

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6. Hand massager


Hands are the mostly used parts of the body for an artist. Give your friend a hand massager to show them you care about them.

7. Artistic coaster


A true artist likes showing off their works in social media. You can surprise your friend by printing their beautiful works on coasters.

8. Notepad

Notepads – Products of Uprint.id

Other than sketchbook, you can also give notepad to an artist. Notepad can also become a medium for your friend to express their creativity.

See Uprint.id‘s collection of unique and cute notepads by visiting our website:https://uprint.id.

9. Giant canvas


An art lover will definitely love getting a giant canvas as a gift. Encourage your friend to express their deep love for art in painting on a giant canvas.

10. Pretty coloured pencils


There are times when someone who loves drawing so much needs coloured pencils to make their drawings even more beautiful. So, you can give them a complete set of coloured pencils. But, give them coloured pencils that are unique in shape.

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