Agenda plays a very important role in your life. It is beneficial to have it with you wherever you go. Why is it important to have one? We tell you why:

1. You will be more organised

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Do you have a not-so-organised life? Did you ever want to change? If your answer to both questions is yes, then having an agenda will solve the problem. When you have an agenda, you can write down all your plans, list all activities you have to do every day (with their due dates), jot down all personal events you are going to attend and the list goes on. There are just so many things you can do with an agenda.

To make it very effective, you should have your agenda with you wherever you go. Once you have a task or assignment to do, you can write it down instantly in your agenda. This way, you keep things organised, and surely your life will be more organised than ever before.

2. You will manage your time better

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It is a guarantee that you will have a better time management when you’ve got an agenda. What is time management? It is the way you plan and control the amount of time spent for doing an activity. When you have so many tasks in hand and yet, you can finish all of them on time or before the due dates without being overwhelmed, you have a good time management.

The question is how can you plan and control time? One way to do it is by having an agenda. First, plan how much time you are going to spend to do an activity, then you record the time when you are doing the activity. Make sure you write down both planned time and recorded time. It is beneficial for the next time you get a similar task. You already know how long you need to get the task done, so you can plan ahead. Your time management will definitely improve.

3. You will increase productivity

The next benefit you will get from having an agenda is that your productivity will increase. You will no longer procrastinate. You will be more confident about being able to finish what you have to do right on time and being able to prioritise your tasks. In the long run, you will increase productivity.

It’s like having a system when you have an agenda. If you don’t follow the system, it is likely that you will fail. You do not want failure, do you? So you will have to stick to the system if you want to accomplish things.

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4. You will remember things better

If you find it difficult to remember things, especially the important ones, an agenda will ensure you that you will no longer forget about anything important in your life. But of course, you have to remember to write everything down. Your agenda will be of no use if you forget to jot things down.

5. You will have a record of everything you have done

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The final benefit you will enjoy from keeping an agenda is that it would be easy for you if you want to see what you had done in the past. You have a detailed record of all tasks, activities, time, etc. Your brain cannot remember everything. For example, if you want to know the last time you met up with your best friends, you can simply grab your agenda and flip back until you find the exact date.

So, what do you think? Are you going to keep an agenda, a very amazing tool that can transform your life? Well, you should have one.

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